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Turn Numpad off

Star I
System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Cannot switch off numpad
Model: UX433FN-A5083T0
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: No

I switched on the numpad using the top-righ button. I used it, works fine. But, there is no way it will switch off again. No matter if I press short, 1 second, 2 seconds, longer or anything in between. It's a brand new laptop. Asus app shows all updates have been applied (firmware etc). Windows 10 also completely up to date. How can I get this thing switched off. I like it - but need to be able to switch on AND off. Related thread (closed) Thanks!

Community Legend II
Hello w.verzijl, May you double check if you BIOS is up to date as well, and have you install touchpad "firmware" V1.7"? Thank you.