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UM425UA Not charging not turning On.

My ZenBook 14 UM425UA suddenly stopped charging and wouldn't turn ON. took it to the repair shop to get it looked at as it turns out the Bios IC and on Board CPU have a short circuit. this laptop is 9 months old and it's my work laptop. fixing it wou...

I miss the 'Full Maximize' on Screenpad Plus

Why did we lose the feature on Screen Xpert which allowed you to quickly fill both screens with one window? I used to use it alot and I'd really like it to come back. 


Hello all,I have a ZENBOOK UX425E. I want to use it for connecting 04 external monitors and extend the screen. I am looking for suitable docking station. Can anybody guide me a reliable and suitable docking station.Thank you in advance 

VIJAYY by Star I
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zen book with intel 13th gen

 hi, just  want to know zen book 14 flip with 13th gen intel i7 release date in india.

Zenbook UX582LR w/RTX3070 the fan is incredibly loud-help!

I had a UX581 w/RTX2060 and I replaced it with this one and the fan is incediable loud when it comexs on, which is everytime you touch the computer at all. Go to click on something...WHOOOSH the fan kicks in. I've called support and they gave me a fa...


I have purchased UM425U zenbook14 but no numberpad is there, is it ok. wondering if it is fake/refurbished laptops no. N3N0LP016795***

ASUS ZENBOOK DUO bezel rubber peeling off?

I closed the laptop while on sleep mode, and forgot to shut it down overnight, then I literally woke up with bezel rubber peeling off. What could be the cause and is this replaceable?

20230105-035544.jpg 20230105-034357.jpg

Upgrade to OLED panel for my UX325EA

hello,I am thinking to upgrade my Asus ZenBook UX325 with the OLED panel. Is that possible? Can i swap the screen with the one the UM325 has?thank you,Gabrio

gabrio81 by Rising Star I
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