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Screenpad not working (only screen works) - UX535LI

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System: Windows 10 / Kubuntu 23.04
Battery or AC: Both
Model: UX535LI
Frequency of occurrence: Constant
Reset OS: - - - (multiple OS affected)

the screenpad on my UX535LI currently acts only as a second screen, but has lost the ScreenXpert capability and the touchpad function.

This problem occurs on both Windows and Linux, and on both OS the Screenpad can be used as a second screen (i.e. I can shift windows onto the screenpad and move the cursor there, and everything is displayed correctly), but it does not work as a touchpad anymore. The device also does not appear as an input device in the device manager on Windows or as a touchpad in the system settings on Linux.

I have checked that the most up-to-date version of all drivers is installed (on both OS), as is the current version of the BIOS. The ScreenPad2Optimizer program returns an error code of 0x00000010 and does not solve the problem, and the ScreenXpert program shows an error message that the ScreenPadService cannot be found when I attempt to start it.

As two independent OS are affected, I suspect that this might be a hardware issue, so my questions:

  • Is this problem known, and has it software origin, or is it indeed a hardware problem?
  • If it is the hardware, what is the most likely culprit? The screenpad itself (although it is functional as a screen)? A cable? The ScreenPad control card? (my laptop is out of warranty, and I'm toying with the idea of trying to fix it myself, but that only really works if I know where the problem is located and which replacements to look for)

Any input would be appreciated!



Have you tried the following FAQ to troubleshoot the problem? 

If you have done troubleshooting through the FAQ but the problem persists, according to your description, there is a high possibility that the hardware issue is related to the ScreenPad's screen module. As for other components that can be further investigated, I would need your SN (Serial Number) to conduct a search.

I have sent you a message, please provide your laptop serial number through the message for further confirmation.
Thank you.

Star I

I have the same model and exact same issue ux535LI , have even tried downgrade to windows 10 same issue , response from Asus i that it needs to be sent in but as it is out of Warranty will be at my expense, screenpad will not even function as a trackpad 



If the same issue occurs across different systems, there is a higher probability that it is caused by hardware failure.
If your laptop is out of warranty, repair and diagnostics will indeed incur a testing fee and component costs.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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So they key here is don't buy asus , because once the system is out of warranty you are nothing to them... the other issue is that without screenpad the touchpad doesnt even work