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X510UF-EJ592T Supported m.2 SSD?

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My laptop has 16Gb Intel Optane Memory. I want to replace it with SSD. I dont know Which SSD my laptop support m.2 sata or m.2 nvme. I contacted Asus support they dont have information about this product as its old. can anyone say what type of m.2 does my  Vivobook 15 X510UF-EJ592T support? Thanks in Advance.


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Your model supports both m.2 SATA and m.2 NVMe SSDs. You can install either type of SSD in the m.2 slot present inside the laptop. [Check Here]

However, you may also want to check this website for compatible memory and storage upgrades for your laptop model.

Additionally, this article provides some guidance on how to upgrade the SSD in the ASUS VivoBook 15.

Installation video

I hope this helps. 😊

the article you gave is for X512UF but i need X510UF. thanks for suggestion

Thank you 

It does not support NVM Express (NVMe), only M.2 Support SATA.
The maximum SSD capacity it can accommodate is up to 512GB (NGFF 2280).
Thank you.