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Updating graphics drivers on Asus vivobook x1402za

Star I

I'm using Asus vivobook x1402za intel core i3 1220p with windows 11 23h2. Recently I'm getting intel arc graphics driver for intel uhd graphics 64 EU's from intel drivers and support app. My integrated GPU driver was updated early last year I think .of course i bought my laptop 4 months ago.and the manufacturer driver update is getting late . Can I update this driver or nearly we will get an OEM update ?


Rising Star I

You can update this driver for now. You can also try Advanced Driver Updater or Driver Booster just in case you are looking for third-party options.

Thank you for the reply. Do I need to uninstall the default driver and update that update from Intel drivers and support or can I update just on it?and if it does have any problems will I be revert back to the default driver and how to do it?


You can update it, but since the latest drivers provided by the chip manufacturer may not have been tested by us, if you encounter any usage issues, we recommend reinstalling the drivers from the ASUS download section. Thank you.

Star I

I updated it and checked. So it decreased my performance in games and other things too .so I reverted back to the previous version. And when will we receive OEM updates for GPU from you? I hope you will soon provide us the drivers