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New ASUS Vivobook 15 X1505ZA-OLED

Star II

I was about to order the x1505ZA laptop in Manila, Philippines, but was told by the retailer (Villman) that this model does not have the Iris Xe GPU card only UHD. This model is sold in the Philippines with 1x 8GB RAM onboard running in single channel mode. I then decided to order the far more expensive S15 K3502ZA i7 model with Iris Xe GPU and 2x 8GB running in Dual channel mode. When I emailed Asus Philippines why the x1505ZA model with a Intel i5 1235u processor does not have the standard Iris Xe GPU card, I was informed that the Iris Xe card is installed in this model but if run in single channel mode (1x 8GB DDR4) the screen will prompt UHD when queried with Windows System app. All one has to do is install an identical 8GB DDR4 module and the Iris Xe will be detected by Windows11 (or open the laptop and check what GPU card is installed).
I am thoroughly confused now because Villman insists there is no Iris Xe GPU card inside the x1505 and therefore this model is sold with only 1x 8GB DDR4. Who to believe ASUS Philippines or the retailer Villman?

Update June 25th
Happy ending:
I finally bought the larger model, S15 series K3502ZA-MA070WS, Intel Core i7 12700H Processor, also 15" OLED but a lot more expensive. Great laptop 20x faster than the 10th Gen i7 of my old Acer a515-54G, and I just love the screen😀



As the specifications of laptops sold in different regions may vary, we recommend that you verify the actual shipping specifications with the reseller. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

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