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I can't register my VivoBook

Hello. I got a VivoBook last year. I wanted to manually update the drivers from the support website, it wants me to register the product, when I input my device's serial number and purchase date, the register product button still persists to be inact...

Kegri by Star I
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Can I use Linux with VivoBook Pro 14?

Hi, I am looking to buy this laptop: has a dedicated GPU RTX3050. I will run Linux on it (dual boot alongside windows). RTX3050 does not support ...

Restart or Shutdown

I tried searching the subject "is it better to shut down or restart laptops", but all I faced was results about computers. Does anyone know the right answer? Since PCs are different from Laptop/Notebooks.

Ar5alan by Star I
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Problem in asus vivobook

Yesterday because of me maybe some files are deletd or replaced after that when I tried to restart it was showing blue screen with error unstoppable boot system when I move curser it again came back to same screen i don't know what to do it's under w...

Mayank_ by Star I
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problems about my laptop that won't shutdown

Hello everyone.Here I want to submit a complaint about my laptop, maybe one of you has a solution to my complaint.Are you guys who use vivobook 14 (x412DA) laptops experiencing problems that cannot be shut down?

mmy by Star I
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Vivobook 15 X513 (X513EAN.302) Throttling 23%

Hello! I bought a new ASUS Vivobook 15 X513 at January 13, 2023.On cinebench Benchmark, AIDA64 stability test and even on day use the notebook is Throttling a lot. ASUS support in Brazil do not know how to fix it. Throttling means that the notebook i...

FelipeM by Star I
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Docking Station for VivoBook 15 F1502ZA?

Looking at the VivoBook 15 F1502ZA, and was wondering if I can use a docking station with this?It has a traditional power cord, and most docks seem to use USB-C as the connector.

Monty12 by Star I
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