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Vivobook 16 (M1603QA): Frequent packet loss and connection drops

Addendum: The WLan 6001.15.117.0 and Bluetooth 1.9.1046.3001 driver pair seem to work as expected (the versions after the oldest pair listed in MyASUS). I did not test the pair following (no reason to rn) and the latest (6001.15.128 and 1.9.1051.3007 pair as of 8/16/2023) work terribly.

Prefacing with saying I have done everything any support page has asked of me, barring System Restore (nothing to restore to) and resetting (issue out of the box). I have kept this laptop up to date.

The network adapter (Realtek 8852BE Wireless LAN WiFi 6 PCI-E NIC) has frequent packet loss and connection drops and only seems stable when loading non-interactive content like web pages or files. 

I've done mitigations such as downgrading the adapter via Device Manager properties and preferring IPv4, which help, yes, but they're still mitigations.



Have you tried performing cross-tests with different network connections?
How did you verify the issue? Could you provide any relevant screenshots for us to confirm?
Additionally, could you please let us know the current operating system build number and the wireless network card driver version?
Thank you.
Which version of Windows operating system am I running?


I can check connecting and seeing how it behaves connected to hotspot tomorrow as it's late, but I doubt it's going to do anything different; no other device on the network suffers from unintended and unexpected packet loss or connection issues. For example, my PS4 playing Overwatch 2 does not suffer similar problems at all, and the network performance is pretty much 1:1 with my former HP laptop. No other device on the network shares this problem either.

Windows 11 Home 22H2 22621.2070, Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22659.1000.0

msinfo32 info:
Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621; Driver C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\RTWLANE601.SYS (6001.15.128.0, 8.32 MB (8,720,176 bytes), 7/31/2023 12:47 PM)

Hotspot suffers even worse performance when placed in the same place as my modem. When next to me, it's better than my modem but I'd expect that.

If you are certain that there are no abnormalities with your internet source, and the issue lies with the network card of your laptop itself, we recommend uninstalling the network device from the Device Manager and then reinstalling the drivers to confirm. If the problem persists, you may consider restoring the system or taking the laptop to a repair center for assistance from our service team. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
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