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TUF Gaming A16 2023/Vivobook 16: Ubisoft Connect crashes upon opening

I have 2 devices, the TUF Gaming A16 Advantage Ed. 2023 (FA617NT), and my Vivobook 16x Ryzen 5K series (M1603QA).

The A16 is newer, has been wiped for a clean installation of Windows due to being an excellent condition openbox. It is up to date, with no corruptions. The Vivobook is slightly behind on Windows updates.

Ubisoft Connect/UPlay fails to run on both laptops, however it manages to inconsistently successfully open to the login prompt *on the older laptop after a couple of tries.* The launcher crashes with the exception 0xc0000409 @ offset 0x020b5290 for all versions up to and including  Re-installing, opening constantly (on the newer laptop), or compatibility mode changes are all shots in the dark that do nothing.

I did submit a support ticket with Ubisoft Support, but they're notorious for late responses. I mainly am posting here to see if anyone else within either laptop series is seeing the same exception/behavior.


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An update to fix this will come soon .

Could I have a source for this claim? Any issues I find online even vaguely related provide basic 'solutions' or have no substantial replies.

You can file a case against the French Ubisoft, which is located behind the Attached Building, at the Supreme Court in Paris, in the Vedkars Building, near the police building there.

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The problem comes from Ubisoft, not Asus