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Vivobook X1404Z Bluetooth pairs with audio device but disconnects immediately

Star I

Hi folks,

My Vivobook (Windows 11 23H2) is equipped with a Realtek Bluetooth Adapter. I have updated the driver to the latest version offered on the Asus support site, but I am still encountering the following problem when attempting to connect to my Samsung soundbar:
I can pair the device, but, having briefly shown "Connecting..." and then "Connected", the device immediately disconnects, as though the two devices are unable to find a mutually compatible mode.

I can pair and connect the Vivobook to my Bluetooth headset (though I have to say that the connection is a bit fragile and cuts out if I go more than 15' or so from the PC). I have never encountered any difficulty using the soundbar with other devices, including various models of PCs and smartphones.

Any ideas ...?



Have you tried removing the Bluetooth device and then pairing it again?
Alternatively, please check if there are other Bluetooth devices available to pair with your laptop for cross-testing.
[Notebook/Desktop/AIO/MiniPC] Troubleshooting - Bluetooth Functionality Anomaly Issue
Thank you.

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Thanks for your reply @Falcon_ASUS . Yes, I've tried removing and pairing again many times. As stated above, the PC has connected successfully with one other device (I haven't tried further than that), and the soundbar has been used without problems with quite a few. This is the first time that I encounter a problem.

Thanks also for the link, I had already read the article and tried / checked all the suggestions except a full reset or a restore point, since the PC is completely new, and doing a reset would just push me through all the setup and updates that I've already done.

Unfortunately Samsung do not offer any firmware update for the soundbar, but as already stated, this is the very first time that I've encountered a problem. I was wondering if there's a Bluetooth log somewhere that I could use to track down the detail of the problem?

Please provide me with the following information, and I will report your situation to the technical team for confirmation:
1. Current BIOS version and Bluetooth driver version of your laptop.
2. The complete model name of the Samsung soundbar you are using.
3. Please refer to the instructions I provided in the message and send the logs back to us.

Thank you.

Star I

Thanks for your help.

BIOS (UEFI): X1404ZA.311
BT Driver: Bluetooth_DCH_Realtek_Z_V1.10.1060.3001_33918
Soundbar: HW-H355

I'll do the rest later when I've a moment.

[Edit] See PM for logs.