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Internal SSD Memory Update

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I have a laptop vivobook 15 oled model: M3500QC_D3500QC. This laptop comes with INTEL SSD PEKNU  512 GB My question is if this laptop model brings an extra slot for another internal ssd on the board? 


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The ASUS VivoBook 15 OLED model M3500QC_D3500QC typically comes with a single M.2 SSD slot for storage expansion.

However, to confirm whether your specific laptop model has an extra slot for another internal SSD, you should consult the official product specifications or user manual provided by ASUS.

Here are the general steps to check for an extra SSD slot:

  • Check Product Specifications: Visit the ASUS official website or refer to the documentation that came with your laptop (user manual or specifications sheet). Look for information related to storage expansion options, including the number of M.2 SSD slots available.
  • Inspect the Laptop: Physically inspect your laptop to see if there are additional M.2 SSD slots available. This may involve opening the bottom cover of the laptop (if it's designed to allow user access) and checking for empty M.2 SSD slots.
  • Contact ASUS Support: If you're unsure or unable to find the information through the above methods, you can contact ASUS customer support directly. Provide them with your laptop model number (M3500QC_D3500QC) and ask if there's an extra slot for an internal SSD on the motherboard. HP Instant Ink

It's important to note that while some laptop models may  come with extra slots for storage expansion, others may not have this option due to space constraints or design choices.


Your laptop only has one SSD slot, which can accommodate a 1TB SSD. Thank you.