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Fan speed control on Vivobook 15 X509FJ

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I'll be real honest , the temperature-fan speed curve on this laptop sucks , Only after the CPU hits 95c and throttles the fan hits a high speed and its quite useless at that point when the CPU has throttled down to like 2.2ghz

After using the MYASUS app-the fan diagnostic tool , I realised that the fan can spin at speeds higher than 3000rpm (ofc the sound says it all , and i see a temporary temperature drop during the diagnostic test when the fan runs at a high speed than usual)

So I tried using Notebook Fan Control , and No avail  , Even tried making my own config...still does not work and it honestly sucks when the fan can do more , but you want to lock it at lower speeds (My older dell had the fan speed set at 100% all the did not explode or something...and I dont mind getting a fan replacement even if the fan decides to give up)

Model : Asus X509FJ - model with a i5-8265U and a MX230 GPU

BIOS version : 302  (pls don't ask me to upgrade it to 303 , v303 locks voltage controls(cannot undervolt which was helping me to control the temperatures) and my laptop idles at 75c for no reason (even after cleaning up and a thermal repaste)



Star II

Any ways to get fan speed control?

Please enter MyASUS to confirm whether you can make further settings through Fan Profile.
Thank you. 

Nope , that option is missing in the MyAsus App 


I even recall having an option to change the color profile of the display here , which vanished out of thin air


Fan Profile*The features supported will vary by model.
If there is no such option in MyASUS, it means your model does not support this function.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.