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Bluetooth Icon Disappears

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Hi, this is the third time that my Bluetooth has completely disappeared from my laptop's system. I first noticed it when it was on, but the description says it's off (as seen in the screenshot), so I restarted my laptop, but it just resulted in the icon disappearing (again).

The first time, I couldn't find it in the Device Manager, so I installed the Bluetooth Driver from Asus, which solved the problem.

The second time, that didn't work, so I went to Services and manually started the Bluetooth Support Services (and other Bluetooth things as well), and set it to turn on automatically. This solved the issue.

However, this time my Bluetooth is still missing (I can't see the icon or find it in Device Manager, and the Troubleshooting tool says that my laptop is not compatible with Bluetooth, etc.) even after trying the above methods.

If anyone knows how to fix it, please tell me. Thank you!



Hi @JosephineH 

Based on your description, 

I would like to confirm with you if you have already referred to the solution linked below to test it out?

please feel free to PM me or comment again if you have any other concerns.Thank you

Hi @Anbby_ASUS,

Thank you so much for the reply! I actually managed to solve it using a method not mentioned in the link.
I used the "safe boot" method from here, and that managed to solve my problem this time.

Hopefully this could help anyone who encounter the same problem.

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