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Zenbook UM3402YA Device (and driver issues)

Star I

Just a note to other users that might be affected.  Over the few weeks that I used my Zenbook it has (even in the middle of use) "lost" the bluetooth device and the fingerprint device i.e. it disappears and is not recognized - does not appear in Device Manager.  The standard Asus response of "reinstall the drivers" does not work - still unrecognized.  What is of note is that Device Manager shows a "unknown USB" device under the "Universal Serial Bus Controller" section, which the system "cannot identify".  Some users report that using DM to uninstall/reinstall (refresh) the 'Intel USB 3.1 eXtensible Host Controller" - right click and choose uninstall will correct the system an allow the "unknown device" to correctly identified as the "missing device" - for me that would be the fingerprint scanner or the bluetooth device.   I did not test this.  What I found that works was the TOTAL power off/power on cycle - i.e. hold the power button down until the Zenbook powers off, wait a few minutes and then power on. Note that in the User Manual Asus specifically advises NOT to use in the aggressive power cycle but rather the passive Windows 11 "Shutdown".   Asus do not say why they recommend the "soft" shutdown but presumably there is some power conservation reason.   The "soft" shutdown seems to save time and energy by not re-polling the hardware devices of the machine; but rather just tries to "remember" them from the previous state - of course if the previous state lost the plot then only the re-polling caused by the reinstallation of the eXtensible controller will identify the "missing devices".   Clearly a "bug" of the 2022+ machines that Asus does not intend to fix (according to Asus support).  So we are back to the old solutions in computers - do a complete power off/wait/power on REBOOT.   For the new Asus products this must be done "aggressively" with the power button if possible or alternatively by removing/draining the battery.



Thank you for your information sharing.