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Hi! I'm i try to search about my laptop compability for upgrading SSD M.2 NVME 512GB but many post is different laptops serial number, and iam got my laptop serial number is JAN0GR04P****** A407UF-BV062T and my question is:it is possible ...

Asus Vivobook Pro D3500QC-OLED007T

System: Windows 10Battery or AC: Model: Vivobook Pro D3500QC-OLED007TFrequency of occurrence: Reset OS: Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:I have 4 questions1. My m.2 only 500gb it's not enough and the specs says upto ...

8PIIJ3 by Star I
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Vivobook Pro 14X OLED goes into sleep mode while rendering

System: Windows 11Battery or AC: BatteryModel: Vivobook Pro 14X OLED M7400QE-KM008T (AMD Version)Frequency of occurrence: AlwaysReset OS: YesScreenshot or video: /========================Detailed description:Hi all!I would like to know if someone c...

Clumsea by Star I
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HDR issue

System: Win11Battery or AC: Model: vivobok 15 m513 ryzenFrequency of occurrence: every timeReset OS: noScreenshot or video: (this guy showed on video same issue)========================Detailed description:...

jpg.jpg d1-8d-d0-ba-d1-80-d0-b0-d0-bd-d0-b0-2022-06-28-144036.jpg d1-8d-d0-ba-d1-80-d0-b0-d0-bd-d0-b0-2022-06-28-144222.jpg
3dmikee by Rising Star I
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Resolved! How to Enable “XMP” or “DOCP" on my X540UBR ?

System: Windows 10Battery or AC: BatteryModel: X540UBR Frequency of occurrence: 1Reset OS: Windows 10Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:Hi , I just upgraded my ram to a 16 GB DDR4 3200Hz and noticed that my bios(versio...

Stylus and screen pad

System: Window 11-64 BitModel: Asus Zenbook Duo UX582H, Asus pen sa201hDetailed description:Asus stylus not working on screen pad, when i use it on screen pad, it effects the main screen as i am using touch on it. I can properly use touch with my han...

Thwin by Star I
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windows 10 and 11 same issue.

Howdy. I attempted multiple times introduce windows 10 and 11 same issue. now and then when I turn off PC from charger show switches off however PC is on and working I actually look at it with teamviewerlikewise attempted download most recent showcas...