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Help opening a Vivobook S 14X

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I got a Vivobook S 14x (S5402) and purchased 8Gb stick of ram to install into the vivobook since I know it has a slot for it. However, I removed the screws on the bottom but was not able to get the cover off. It didn't seem to move either so I'm making sure if there is any hidden screws or clips, I need to be aware of because I did not remove any stickers of the rubber stands. I'd appreciate any help I can get on opening the device.



Here is a picture indicating the locations of the screws. 

If you are unable to successfully open the casing and install the memory, I would recommend that you bring your laptop and the memory you want to install to a repair center, where a technician can assist you with the installation. The following is the contact information:  
Thank you.

This does confirm that I removed all the screws, however there is no repair center in my state as I have checked. Is it possible there is clips that could be holding the back on, or should it just lift off? 

I think this is likely due to the latches inside the laptop case component not being fully removed.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

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