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VivoBook Pro 17 N705U W10- can't restart from sleep mode

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Over the last few months I have had an issue with my VivoBook Pro 17 where if the computer is on but unattended for more than a few minutes after screen and/or computer goes into sleep mode (not sure if the issue is specific to the screen or computer) it can't be awoken by pressing fn F2 or fn F7. The only way to restart is to totally power off, rather annoying and I am assuming not good for the computer.

Searching online there seems to be a suggestion that the BIOS may need updating, is that a real thing that could cause this problem? Checking the BIOS version, searching for and installing an update if applicable seems to be a bit of a process- which for me generally means things could go wrong. Don't want to embark on that if it is not likely that the BIOS is causing the issue.

Has anyone else experienced the problem and found a solution?



May I know the full model name of the laptop you are using?
If your laptop cannot be properly awakened from sleep mode, it is indeed recommended to first check if the BIOS and system are up to date. It is also suggested to uninstall the graphics card driver and reinstall it.
Please refer to the following FAQ for more information.
How to find Model Name 
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Thank you.

Using DXDIAG it informs

System Model: X70SUDR        BIOS: X70SUDR.306

Not sure if you entered it incorrectly, but is your laptop model X705UDR?
If so, the latest BIOS version for this model is 317, and we recommend that you update it.
Additionally, please confirm if you have already followed the above FAQ instructions.
If the issue persists, we suggest you back up your data and restore the system.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 
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Sorry, you are correct, model is X705UDR. I have looked at the FAQ instructions but I am not a computer whiz so the number of steps etc are a little daunting. It appears updating the BIOS via MyASUS would be simplest, however, it is not preinstalled on my laptop. MyASUS is not preinstalled on my laptop which has Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 19045) operating system. When I check using Device Manager under System Devices there is no ASUS System Control Interface driver installed. Before I bother installing that driver and then MyASUS, is there any way of telling whether MyASUS will be compatible with my computer to determine if I have to default to using Method 2 to update the Bios with all the associated steps somewhat scary for me?

Looking at the FAQ- Troubleshooting- Computer does not wake from Sleep or Hibernate Mode, using Device Manager/Keyboards/HID Keyboard Device/properties I note that the power manage tab is already checked to allow this device to wake the computer. Going to Troubleshooter and using 'Additional Troubleshooters', selecting Power and running troubleshooter it reports no changes or updates are necessary. Beyond those checks it talks about resetting the system from restore point or resetting the system, with all the issues associated with that I assume attempting to update the Bios would be worth trying first?

You also noted it is suggested that I uninstall and reinstall the graphics card driver, are there instructions somewhere for doing that. 

Sorry with all the questions, your assistance to date has been much appreciated.