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Last update

I haven't received the latest update yet33.0820.0810.208

Phone turning off when faced down

Is there a way to keep the screen on when the sensor is blocked?My screen timeout is 5m; flip to mute, pocket mode, and smart screen are all turned off. But if I cover the camera area or face the phone down it turns off after 5 seconds. This is reall...

THLPH by Star II
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Low in-call volume

The 'in-call' volume is exceptionally low, whether I'm using it in regular mode (ear speaker) or on speaker.Even when I set the volume to the maximum, I still struggle to hear the other person on the other side - even in a quite room.It becomes parti...

ToM_M by Star III
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Screen brightness

The phone's brightness level is extremely low, resulting in a consistently dimmed display, making it particularly challenging to use outdoors.A clear comparison with my ROG Phone 3 reveals a significant difference, as the ROG 7 appears to be nearly h...

ToM_M by Star III
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Wifi can't connect to channel 36 5GHZ

Hi, my Asus Rog Phone 7 can't see any Wifi 5ghz on channel 36, it can only see wifi channel 141. What is the problem? The unit is from Indonesia. Thanks

Andrien by Star III
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Resolved! Last update for Rog phone 7

Is this the latest version of the Asus Rog Phone 7 global version?33.0820.0810.188