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Wifi on Asus Rog Phone 7 Get's progressively worse

As the title suggests, as the day goes on the Wifi connections get's progressively worse to non-existent. For example, I will reset the wifi on the phone and have 120mbs speed. After about two hours, the connection speed will be 500kbs to nonexistent...

Resolved! ROG 7 Ultimate became fully unresponsive

So today I had my first major issue with my ROG 7 ultimate global edition (from Taiwan). It's on the latest firmware (last digits are 217), and while I had it connected to my ar glasses (Xreal air), I turned the phone screen off to get my food order,...

Question about rog phone 7

Does the US variant of the rog phone 7 work with Verizon now that Verizon doesn't use CDMA anymore and just uses gsm for 5g and lte for 4g?

Rog Phone 7 not charging and overheating

Hasn't even been a month and I'm encountering an issue where I can't charge the device but when it's plugged in it creates a lot of heatI have updated to the latest software, tried different Samsung adaptors and cables and still no luck The phone isn...

Lower speaker

Why my lower speaker is a little bit low than the upper speaker? Is this fine or not?

Resolved! ROG PHONE 7 ULTIMATE Mobile Data Issue

Greetings!I just recently bought my ROG Phone 7 Ultimate, and I notice that everytime I use my Hotspot, it slows down my carrier mobile data (worst case, no internet access) even if I turned off the hotspot. I had to resort on turning off the phone f...

Jonkaru by Star II
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Normal temperature when in standby is 31°C When Using Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, 90Hz FPS, 38 - 40°C When Gaming 41°C - 47°C 37 = Comfortable to hold38 - 41°C = Started to feel uncomfortable when holding42°C› = Can't hold anymore. Putting on a ca...

Eaten by Star III
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Is the Rog ultimate 7 worth it?

I have been wanting to buy a phone and I have been thinking about the Rog phone. I will mainly use the phone either social media e.g Instagram or Tik tok and gaming. I read that a lot of people have been having problems with it. So is it actually wor...

balor98 by Star I
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App scaling

When i opened apps they doesn't fit properly on the screen, all corners are cut and missing some important part of the apps, any way to fix that by the settings?Thanks 

vencih by Star I
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