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Resolved! [ ROG PHONE 7] password autofill not working

Autofill saved password not pop up on every app in my phone. Currently using google password manager. Already try disable and enable autofil,not working. Change autofill user account also not working. Already updated google to latest version... need ...

Blaze02 by Star I
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Aeroactive Cooler 7 not working on a newly bought 7 Ultimate

Model Name: Asus ROG Phone 7 UltimateFirmware Version: 33.0820.0810.225Rooted or not: Not rootedFrequency of Occurrence: Started todayAPP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):In addition to information above, please also provide as m...

New Firmaware out for ROG 7 Series FW .225

FW .225 has just been released for the ROG Phone 7 Series. Has anyone tried it out and see any improvement from the .217 firmware (Battery life issues, Heating issues, Speaker issues) ? Kudos to our devs for bringing out "hopefully" a fix from the pr...

mralviar by Star III
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ROG 7 Ultimate or S23 Ultra?

If anyone here has tried both phones,  I would love your perspective because I have no idea what the differences of the OS are and there really isn't a lot of content on YT comparing them. I really don't care about the camera, they are both eons bett...

ROG 7 Ultimate or S23 Ultra?

I’ve been looking to upgrade my 7+ and decided these are the two best options. Im almost sold on the ROG 7 but there are some things i’m worried about.1440p vs 1080. Anyone who has used 1440p on a phone, is it noticeably a better experience? Is the 1...

bravo6 by Star I
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Special abilities

Хотелось бы узнать, почему через некоторое время у меня отключаются приложения в доступности??пишу через переводчик

Igorgg by Star I
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Pink vertical line in ROG Vision back screen

Hi, I recently purchased my ROG 7 Ultimate last Sept 2, 2023. However on Sept 9, 2023, I noticed that my ROG vision back screen has a vertical pink line at the left side. I don't know if this is a hardware issue or there is something I can do as an e...

ROG 7 Air Trigger lag/glitch

Hello, I have a ROG 7 Tencent with global firmware and I have a problem with the right air trigger that stops working after 1-2 minutes of playing PUBG and the Game Genie application freezes and does not respond. Tell me what to do.

echidna by Star I
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