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Android 14 issue FPS Drop

Star III

Hello, today I updated the software to Android 14 and I am experiencing a drop in fps in a game  called Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis. The game supports up to 30 fps, and after the update, it oscillates between 20 and 30 fps continuously, generating continuous freezes in the image. I always used the Refresh Rate "Auto" setting and never had problems (always remained stable at 29-30 fps), I tried selecting Refresh Rate 60 fps (in the phone settings) and it still drops.

I would like to know if it is a problem with the game that is not optimized for Android 14 (which seems strange to me) or if it is a problem with the Android version.



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Star III

@Mattias_ASUS hello! Good news, after the last update the game run perfectly, like before (android 13).

Im so happy, good bye! 

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Rising Star I

It is problem in the update. Please don't update. In ROG phone are not made to be updated actually according to ROG Devs, if you do it's you own fault the company will say things like Reset your phone, clear cache blah blah... and nothing gonna work because problem is in the update.


Hi @Agustinp 
I'll send the info to the devs so that they can look into it, thanks!

Hi i have just updated the mobile android 14 and now the issue is that i am unable to play codm which i use to play always the mobile is lagging fps drop overheating and the air trigger suddenly stop working i am to restart the whole mobile please tell me that when asus is going to release the update and solve this issue

Exactly the same thing is happening to me 😡