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Mobile Legend Bang Bang stuck at 60fps after I updated Android 13 to Android 14 on rog 7

Star II

Dear developer,

After I updated Android 13 to Android 14 on my rog 7, MLBB doesn't running smoothly and stuck at 60fps (before I upgrade I can reach 120fps with ultra graphic setting).

Are you kidding me?

If you give me factory reset as the solution and re-install the system package, that will waste my time.  

 Please fix this issue ASAP.



Hi, the team is investigating this issue, thanks for letting us know

Can we get the downgrade until you finish the investigation ?

I play Call of Duty Mobile myself, and the fps also drops and lags. There are also problems with Armory Crate and all games no longer open and cannot be played.

Been experiencing these issues as well ever since the update. Sudden FPS drops/stutters crop up whenever I play CODM or use Google Maps. Between this and the headphone jack bug a few months ago, ROG really needs to step up in making their software much more stable.