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We need downgrade package from android 14 to 13

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We are facing a lot of issues after the latest update of android 14 (WW-34.1010.0820.55) especially while gaming a lot of frame drop and overheating as well as game crash. It's not only me many ROG phone 7 / 7 ultimate out there repotted the same. This is completely running our gaming experience where making the phone useless. Therefore we need immediate support by providing a downgrade package for us to get back to the android 13 until these bugs get fixed.

Please take this seriously 


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That's right, please provide a firmware downgrade from Android 14 to 13

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i have been facing the same issue i have already made a factory reset and the problem in my mobile is like i never face those things till now i use to play only call of duty the trigger button suddenly stop game is lagging frame is dropping and mobile is getting hotter and hotter while charging or playing game.


factory reset fix the problem or not? I have the same problem too

There are no adjustments after factory reset. The only adjustment problem is downgrading to factory default