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Try to help asus with some problem that i found on android 14 ROG Phone 7

Star I

so after the update, i experienced the problem like the other, i just like to give asus list of the problem that i experienced(if my english is bad, i beg you pardon)

1. MLBB stuck at 60fps even tho the frame rate setting is set to ultra (this setting suppose to run the game at 120fps) and ofc i use the 120hz display and somehow it still have some frame drop

2. COD Mobile can run at 90-120fps but it was unstable, to many frame drop at the game

3. Little nightmare is stuck at 60fps when it suppose to run at 120fps since i set the game fps to 120(but this game is not really bothering me tbh, it was not the type of game that should run at 100+fps, i tell you this maybe this information is useful for asus team)

4. When i use the advance setting and set the x3 core slider to the right (where it suppose to run at 3187mhz which is it max speed) it somehow stuck at 29...-ish mhz which is lower than the rated clock speed, i wonder what is the problem? honestly it not be a big problem since 29...-ish mhz is quite fast for this chip, but you know, it just for my personal statisfaction XD, i love if you can fix that also.

I hope i give you enough information for the android 14 problem, for any games beside the game i listed, i didn't find any problem or maybe i don't play the game i'm sorry



Star I

oh yes, and another one, Genshin Impact is become laggy too, it was unstable and become uncomfortable to play