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Random FPS Drop on CODM

Star II

I only had this phone for 2 months and I'm already having random fps drop especially when I turn on the X mode. I think having a tutorial or tips for making custom  hardcore gaming tuning profile would help while you're finding a solution for this problem. Thank you.


Rising Star I

Did you install the Android 14 system update

Yes. I already did. And I'm still having the same problem. Random FPS drops. 

Many who updated the Rog 7 phone to the Android 14 operating system have now experienced a drop in fps and other bugs, including me. There are many articles about this problem on this forum. This new Android 14 update is unstable. We just have to hope and wait for Asus to fix the problems.

I'm sorry that you're having the same problem. I hope they  can resolve this problem soon.