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Personal Experience of ROG Phone 6 after almost 2 Years of Daily Usage

Rising Star I

Previous Post about my experience ROG Phone 5 for 1 years+ and why I plan to move on to ROG Phone 6 (for some reason after the website update, the format for the post messed up):

But in short, based on my 1 years+ usage of ROG Phone 5, I rated it as 7/10 which consider an above mid-tier experience for a Gaming Phone. So I sold my ROG Phone 5 for RM1500 and get the ROG Phone 6 Pre Order for RM3590 including 
- Free Additional 1 Year Warranty (Until 2024-08-11)
- Free AeroActive Cooler 6
- Spec: 256GB Storage + 12 GB RAM

Date of Phone Operation: 2022-08-12

Personal Review of ROG Phone 6 after almost 2 years of Usage FAQ:

  1. What are the Feature/Function that you miss alot from ROG Phone 5?
    Nothing. ROG Phone 6 is a legit Gaming Phone that meet all my daily usage and gaming (Genshin Impact, Honor of Glory) expectation and exceed my expectation in some cases. Previous ROG Phone 5 feature such as Speaker, 3.5mm Audio Port, Screen (No Punchhole, No Notch), Performance to handle all apps, connectivity software (wifi, bluetooth, hotspot, mobile data, gps, etc), Build quality, Battery performance, On Screen Finger Thumbprint, LED Notification Indicator, Squeeze to open Apps feature, Double tab lock screen feature, etc are all meet my whole almost 2 years+ (and still counting) usage expectation.
    In my almost 2 years of usage, I honestly never found any fault or any degrading of all existing feature of ROG phone 5 mentioned about. I remember a lot of people such as @Danishblunt and others user claimed that in Paper there are a lot of downgrade but well, in reality usage, I so far never really notice their existence nor have ever get impacted by them. However I did experienced a lot of upgrade instead from ROG Phone 5 instead.

  2. What are the Previous or New Feature/Function/Improvement you enjoy so far?
    Gaming Performance is Better. Stable 60 FPS (never seen 45fps in whole gameplay) on Genshin Impact Highest Graphical Setting in 30mins+ game play session without Cooler. Max 45-47  Degree Celsius and stay around for continuously 1 hrs game play.
    - Better Cooler Performance. VERY Stable 60 FPS (never seen 50fps in whole gameplay) in 1 hours+ game play session with the AeroActive Cooler 6 and temperature never exceeded 35-37 Degree Celsius. Never feel Overheat when  gaming, for some reason, AeroActive Cooler 6 make my finger felt COLD and still perform the same up until now. 
    - Battery Performance is Better (maybe newer Processor is more efficient? or new Android OS have better battery optimization?) and still performing very well until now, I never have any run out of battery moment with it. The fast charging also too extreme fast. 
    - New Customizable Double-Tapping on the back is Great, always use it for screenshot, never had issue with it.
    - Camera quality is Great, when I compared to my friend Google Pixel 7 at 2023, I see no Day and Light Difference. I went to Japan on Nov 2023, use Rog Phone 6 took a lot of great quality shoot which I don't find any issue at all time.
    - Overall Build Quality is Great, I never have any Temper Glass or Screen Protector installed, I only used the original Free Case, Drop plenty of time, Most extreme case is when getting out of car whole car jump from my lap to the Road Floor. Screen Never Crack, There is no any Noticable Scratch unless I purposely use flash light and view the screen around 3-5cm from my eye.
    - IPX4 is a Good Plus, ever soak itself with rain, i bring to bath place beside me to open its speaker for song, so far never had any issue. I never really submerge the phone into water for long period of time though, so I can't say it can perform water resistance beyond IPX4

  3. What are the issue you have encounter so far
    - 256GB Storage is feeling not enough after almost 2 years of usage. Currently at 83% Used. I wish it have Micro SD Expansion Storage to allow me move all the Video, Picture I have captured to the Additional SD Card Slot.
    - The Power Button felt Loose a bit. Not sure if because I drop my phone too much, or I spam the power button too much, it is noticeable when touch the power button gently and hold then move random direction. I guess build quality can be improve or I should be more careful when using the phone (stop all the phone dropping habit).
    - Macro Camera, I never use it, doesn't seem it able to capture any good quality shoot, never able to utilize it at all.
    - I never turn on the ROG Back LED Light, the small front screen LED Notification is More than enough. 

    - I actually won a ROG Phone 8 Pro from an official give away at 2024 Feb, but without any second thoughts sold it for RM4400 (pre order price RM4800).  Why don't I take the upgrade and sold the ROG Phone 6 instead? Because ROG Phone 6 is more than enough to me, it have all the ROG Phone 5 feature/function that I can't live without and also have all the improvement (mentioned above) i enjoy even until now, I don't see how ROG Phone 8 can serve me better especially I am very turn off by its Punchhole screen.

    Why am I here again after almost 2 years?
    - To share my legit almost 2 years usage review of ROG Phone 6 and have a quick review/evaluation note to remind myself what feature I actually need if I going to look for new phone next time (Recently, saw Sony Promote their new Xperia 1 VI, kinda attracted to it because it seem like the only new latest phone without punchhole or notch but still have pros n cons after writing this ROG Phone 6 Review) 
    I saw @Danishblunt in another forum coincidently still have his "blunt" attitude to give various comment that doesn't consider people's actual real life preference and still make various negative assumptions comment all the place (like how he used to in this forum). I kinda feel sorry for him. After almost 2 years+, all of his assumptions in my previous post are not true to me in my personal life usage of ROG Phone 6, I am surprised, ROG Phone 6 improve and make all my Phone Experience better, but some people just doesn't know when to grow up , improve themselves or keep moving forward positively.

    Will I come back to here again?
    - Unless I am getting a new ROG Phone (which very unlikely due to their Punchhole Screen design) or I have any issue with my ROG Phone 6, I guess there no other things I can share more in this forum again.