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ROG Phone 6 sometimes enter a soft bootloop when i using my camera app.

Star III

Hello,so i have Asus ROG Phone 6 (16GB/512GB version) for half a year now and i have a weird issue recently.
The phone will sometimes freeze when i using the camera app/or doing anything with the camera like scanning QR codes, it'll crash and stuck in a boot loop for a while but it eventually boot back in the system.

So I'm thinking this gotta to do something with the software issues,any helps ?

If any of you Asus representatives is here, please make a patch or something to fix this issue.

Here's the full specs of the phone,if you need it.


In reality this problem is rare and now this will be your first and last time when you get this problem ... Before rog 6 i haved rog 5 and never get problem like this so dont worry about that maybe this is last time that you have it

Hope so.Thanks a lot.

Camera app is from Asus.

I know but it doesn't matter from who is the app... Every app can make problem like this 

Still other apps controlling the camera apps.the permission in every apps like messenger also using cam,location, so angry because nobody here in Asus technician what solution they can give how come this is happening what happens to quality assurance