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ROG Phone 6 sometimes enter a soft bootloop when i using my camera app.

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Hello,so i have Asus ROG Phone 6 (16GB/512GB version) for half a year now and i have a weird issue recently.
The phone will sometimes freeze when i using the camera app/or doing anything with the camera like scanning QR codes, it'll crash and stuck in a boot loop for a while but it eventually boot back in the system.

So I'm thinking this gotta to do something with the software issues,any helps ?

If any of you Asus representatives is here, please make a patch or something to fix this issue.

Here's the full specs of the phone,if you need it.


How am I supposed to even do this if my phone is in a boot loop??

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I had this same issue with mine, opening camera sometimes crashed the phone then it bootlooped. Happened at least once every couple of days. It also once flipped the image with a blue tint. Only started happening around 2 months after buying it so android update perhaps did something, but this phone has terrible camera issues and the flipping image with a blue tint is a bad sign. 

Repair centre aren't of much use (the Czech one) they couldn't replicate it despite it being easy to replicate when using the phone, but I got refunded through it being a faulty item under UK consumer law.

As far as I know, nothing could get rid of it, perhaps just not using the camera may be the only solution until another one crops up.

Your problem is different than his problem 

Flipping image and blue tint is hardware problem that some users have

Nope, I had the exact same as his problem

The phone restarts sometimes when opening the camera app, and it then enters into a bootloop from anywhere between 5 mins to 2 hours. It happens on average once every 24-48 hours.

The phone did this even after being sent to the repair centre, after updating, reset to factory settings etc etc.


The blue tint and image flipping was a different issue and happened only once, which may or may not be related, either way the phone has issues.


To replicate it easily run 3D Mark stress test on X mode for a couple minutes and then open the camera app. Phone needs to be warm.  I have sent mine for the same issue and the motherboard got replaced.