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ROG Phone 6 sometimes enter a soft bootloop when i using my camera app.

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Hello,so i have Asus ROG Phone 6 (16GB/512GB version) for half a year now and i have a weird issue recently.
The phone will sometimes freeze when i using the camera app/or doing anything with the camera like scanning QR codes, it'll crash and stuck in a boot loop for a while but it eventually boot back in the system.

So I'm thinking this gotta to do something with the software issues,any helps ?

If any of you Asus representatives is here, please make a patch or something to fix this issue.

Here's the full specs of the phone,if you need it.


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Any solution for my rog 6 it is possible to delete the camera apps and replace it different version of cam apps. It's so annoying to always delete cache storage cache shut power off get on again and again almost everyday.

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I've been using Asus ROG 5 for a year now and this is my second ZenTalk, but ill summarized it all since I encountered two major issue, the first was the camera issue that happen 6 moth after the purchase. When opening the camera app, the phone will crash and force-restart is the only way to do escape it, even when I did manage to open the camera without the phone crashing (which is embarrassingly rare) most of the camera option like is gone and the quality of camera both front and back is out of focus and the camera quality drop, all drastically (blurred), The camera itself also makes some clicking sounds whenever I attempt to open it (please note this is issue occur after the system update, before the update it works out nicely). Second Major issue is now my phone stuck at a bootloop when doing the recent system update, I tried going to safemode  but the system update prevent me from entering the safemode itself and now im unfortunately stuck in a deadzone. Both of this issue have on thing in common: happens after/during System Update. Asus manage to make the system update messed up most of their customer product. I want Asus to acknowledge to whoever makes the software update need to do their work more securely because it ruins a perfectly good product instead of improving it. This talk is not a call for a solution but instead my own complain so that others can see what's wrong with the Asus product and hopefully this will raise awareness to all other customers so that some of them cant avoid having problem just like me. My Asus Rog 5  now is dead on a endless bootloop and its all thanks to the System Update. 

Компания asus ответила вам на вашу претензию ? Очень интересно, у меня после обновления системы возникла такая же проблема камерой пользоваться невозможно. 

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Olá. Mano conseguiu resolver seu problema? Se sim me avisa aq.