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AiMesh RT-AX88U with RT-AX82U

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Hello guys

I just bought the RT-AX82U and set it as node of my primary router (the other one in the subject). No problems, but, what I can not expalin is:

- all my cables are CAT 6a STP, house included

If I set the backhaul connection type between the two routers, I have a Gbit connection on the AX82U WAN port and, the LAN 1 connected to my desktop PC is set at 100 Megabit, all done by themselves

If I deactivate the backhaul connection, the connection between the two routers change to 100 M and the one to my PC change to 1 G

Is it possible to have both setted to 1G?

For last, if I connect the ethernet cable from my PC to AX88U LAN port #2, why it is detected in the wrong way? See the attachment


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Finally, I had been so lucky that I got a faulty RT-AX82U!

With the TUF-AX6000 AiMesh works great!

Thanks to all for the time and patience dedicated to me. Have a good time

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The yellow port symbol indicates that the connection speed on that port can be improved.  It is probably connecting at 100 Mbps vs 1 Gbps per your concern.  But yes very strange LAN 2 reported as LAN 1!

All 1 G ports should operate at 1 Gbps normally so long as the other end is also a 1 G port (or higher).  You are experiencing some sort of defect/bug.  Did you update both units’ firmwares to the latest?  (RT-AX88U -; RT-AX82U -

If yes then have you tried hard resetting them and reconfiguring the network?  (Hopefully not a lot of settings to configure.  Unfortunately sometimes hard reset is needed after a firmware update for it to install properly/completely).


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Hi, tks for the answer, I'll have a try with an hard reset, hopefully 95% of the settings are in stored in the modem 😁

I'll let you know, tks for now

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so, at the end, all connections now result as Giga ones. Fine, but now I have a situation that all devices at ground floor connect to the AiMesh node at first floor, with very poor strength connection signal (they does not recognize the AX88U at ground floor)

If I reboot the AiMesh node at the first floor, all the ground floor devices connecting correctly, but the devices at the first floor do not see the node and fail to connect to the ground floor (too low signal), they does not recognize the node RT-AX82U at all (after rebooted, of course)

I'm experiencing for the first time the AiMesh technology  and, if before seems to be a very wonderful feature, now, in the reality, seems to be a false (trash) technology, only just for commercial purposes....

Rising Star II

I have been using AiMesh for over one year now so I understand your (initial) frustration.  I say “initial” because at first I was also frustrated with what I saw…

AiMesh logic appears to include reliability/availability of a connection/node.  As you observed, if a node goes down for whatever reason, the logic sees that node as non-reliable/non-stable and will avoid connecting to it for a while, until statistically it deems it reliable and will connect to it again.  This relates to the distance between your two routers as all the devices can reach and connect to either node as you have them placed.  If you go to the far side of either node where connection to the further node is not possible that device will use the “unstable” node as it can no longer reach the other.

Is this poor connection you note affecting your WiFi use, for example slower speed?  There is a “Bind” function to force a device to connect to a specific node.  (After binding I recommend you turn it off and allow it to choose on it’s own).

Have you enabled Smart Connect?  (I personally like it and use it for all 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels).