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AXE16000 ROG Buggy firmware for 6GHhz Guest Net [Hidden/Or Not Hidden SSID]

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The latest firmware for AXE ROG Rapture AXE 16000 is buggy.  I have did the method 2 firmware reset at, and even pressing the button and manually reinput values and the problems persist below.  is the version that is subject.  So in order to work around for it to work on my Intel AXE series adapters even with the latest drivers with information on them at

I am still unable to have both guest net and regular network in 6Ghz functional at same time, only one or another. The work around to force it to work is having to re-enable guest network in the  router for the 6Ghz network and it showing back up, or changing the guest net back to visible and back to hidden a few times and then clicking on the guest net assigned PC Wi-Fi connection to have it remain on. So then both stay then stay on by doing this and remains stable as compared to the unstable issues identified by users below in the next area below this paragraph.  The very last firm wares before this, a beta one,, and a full release one prior to that, did not have this issue, even reverting to previous intel wireless drivers from the latest did not resolve this issue with the most recent firmware.  This is a code issue an toggle setting in the underpinnings of the code. Even trying this with the Merlin version did not suffice as it had the same problem as it is based on the most recent version that was released.

I am both software and hardware engineer as well as an RF engineer by trade of more than 25 years on large scale systems, as well as small. This is a problem and I have a second AXE16000 to confirm the same issue. Please look into this as people move into migrating to 6E.   This does not apply either and I did all these steps too:


Other then that, these routers work flawlessly without issue, even with Merlin firmware or custom scripts added in. I would prefer Unify/Ubiquity in some circumstances, but this far exceeds it. Also I build my own appliances [IPS/IDS] on the back end where this router sits behind, and NO that is not the issue here. 

Issues almost similar:

Other ASUS routers I have that work perfect without bugs, are the AX86U, AC86U and the awesome AC68U from back when it was new.  This IS... the only encounter of a bug in code I encountered in ASUS as most have been Cisco, Dlink or NETGEAR. Uniify/Ubiquity not as much and patches come out pretty quick with them.

Please look into this. These are great products with good reputation and I would not want ASUS to lose out on a good customer base.