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IPSec VPN connections no longer possible with OneUI 5.1.1 - please resolve!

Star I

router = GT-AC5300, Firmware Version:

phone= Samsung Z Fold 3, OneUI 5.1.1

No longer able to connect to VPN with an Android built-in client.  Have read that its due to removal of XAuth feature, i suggest to ASUS to find a fix quickly or have Instant Guard App be able to participate in remote network, not just pass through internet traffic.

thank you.




Hi @wh8w8t ,

based on your issue, may I ask whether you want to use IPSec VPN setup on Android phone?

Have you try the belowing steps?

  1. Enter the VPN profile name on your Android device.
  2. In the Type field, select IPSec Xauth PSK.
  3. At the VPN Server page on web GUI of your router, move the slider to ON in the Enable IPSec VPN Server field.
  4. In the Server IP address field on the Edit VPN profile page, enter the IP address displayed in the Server IP Address field on the VPN Server page.
  5. Enter the same pre-shared key on both the VPN Server page and the Edit VPN profile page.
  6. Tap Save on your Android device.

You can also refer to the following link.

Furthermore, could you please provide a screenshot of the issue where you are unable to connect to the VPN?

Thank you.

Thanks for chiming in,...  Yes, i've tried that but there is no "IPSec Xauth PSK" option anymore.  Either ASUS needs to create another way to connect, or create an app for Android phones to participate with local network inside of VPN.