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※This troubleshooting is applied to the phone which supports View Flip Cover

1. Activate function of View flip Cover (Setting → ASUS Cover → click Enable Show Cover View

2. Turn off your device. Apply a few screen cleanser on soft clothes and lightly wipe out the dust and dirt on screen.

3. Update your system firmware to the latest version: Setting→ About → System Update ,click Check Update

4. Enter the safe mode:Long press "Power key"→ Tap and hold "Power Off" → tap "OK". If your device works normally in safe mode, malfunction might be caused by 3rd party apps. Please reboot your device and check again to see if it works well. 

5. Backup your data and perform factory data reset
 Note:Onec RESET was performed all data, apps, settings and your information will be deleted after initialization.

6. If you cannot wake up your screen when the screen protector sticker is applied ,you may need to remove the sticker 

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