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When you use your device, you may notice that some apps are running in the background. Under such situation, your device may encounter system lags with memory occupied, quick drain and consumption of battery power,or privacy exposure. Now no need to worry,we offer you Auto-start Manager, an ASUS-exclusive managing app that helps you manage your apps while giving the system its full potential with: performance optimization, battery power saving, more memory released, and privacy protection. 

When you launch Auto-start Manager from the All Apps screen, you can see a list of apps currently used or running in the background. Tap DOWNLOADED or PRELOADED to display the list of downloaded and preloaded apps. To stop the app from consuming memory, simply slide Allow to the left to set the app to Deny. In addition, you can see how much memory you release from status bar at the bottom.

When you set an app to Deny, that app is denied of memory usage and stop its ability to run in the background. Setting an app to Deny will release the memory used by that app, allowing your device to respond quickly to commands. Saving more memory helps your device to minimize system lags and reduces power consumption.You can also view its memory use percentage with Auto-start Manager by tapping the
information icon at right top corner.



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