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Taking photos of yourself, your family and friends by using Beautification mode looks good and feels good. This mode allows you to make lively beauty enhancements of your subject’s face before pressing the shutter button.
To take photos or videos in Beautification mode, tap  from the Camera app, then tap Beautification.
When using this mode, you can enhance the facial features of your subject such as skin tone, cheek color, eye size, and even width of face.
TIP: Capturing beautiful selfies or a group selfie is much fun when you use the front camera. Simply tap  on the upper side to switch camera from rear to front.

To use the beautification settings, tap  to launch beautification toolbar then select the function/effect that you want to apply.
Introduction of enhancement tools
Use these enhancement tools as you desired to get the best portrait of your subject’s face: 
  •   to adjust color of face and to add color to subject’s cheeks. 
  •   to soften subject’s skin by removing spots like freckles.
  •   to adjust/raise the brightness of subject’s face.    
  •   to enhance the size of your subject’s eyes.
  •   to enhance subject’s facial size. 
When all the enhancements are selected, tap   to capture the photo.
This mode also allows you to set the timer to capture a beautiful picture of subject. 
To use the timer, press  and slide up to select the time then release to start the timer. You can set the timer from one second to a maximum of five and give your subject time to pose pretty.
TIP: If you want to take selfies when you use this mode, use the front camera and set the time by clicking and sliding up  to take a well-prepared pretty selfie!  
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