Battery 21.33% Wear after 1.3 years and 167 cycles only

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the battery of my UX325EA has 167 cycles and already 21.33% wear level - Laptop is 1 year and 3 months old.

Does that qualify for a battery replacement under warranty? = send to Asus via RMA and get it replace for free?

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  • A typical Li-ion battery pack can last 500~1000 full cycles, and your computer counts 167 cycles (computer BMS counts equivalent full cycles), so you should anticipate 16.7%~33.3% wear, which fits your 21.33% wear.

    This is perfectly normal, and in most jurisdictions end of life of rechargeable batteries is defined at 50% or 70% of rated capacity, so in your case, the battery will expire in 3~4 years, while in most jurisdictions, warranty only has to last 1~2 years. Considering this, and the cost (compared with XPSs and ThinkPads), Asus has already been graceful enough to give you 100% extra life beyond rated warranty.

    BTW, you can extend the service life of your laptop by either replacing its battery when it expires (go to your nearest Asus service center or buy a third party replacement online and have a local technician to install it), or enable battery protection mode (which lowers maximum charging depth in favor of more cycle life) in MyAsus app.

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    According to what you described, please contact ASUS repair center in the country of your residence: Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

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    thank you, i did it - Asus support told me "in this case" send the notebook in under RMA BUT they also said that the battery has 12 months only warranty which tells me it's not going to be free of charge since this notebook was bought 01.06.2021 is this right? - i did extend the warranty for another year but battery is not covered.

    Do you know how much it costs for a new battery to be replaced from Asus repair center? thinking if i buy the battery myself and bring to laptop store instead.



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    Due to the different prices quoted in different countries. If you have questions about the cost of replacement parts, I would still recommend contacting your local service center for inquiries. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

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    ok got it, thank you, actually i just got a quotation back of about 65 euro for handling and 80-90€ for the battery so that's about 150€ in total.

    So is kinda the same if i buy a battery myself, and bring it to a laptop repair shop.

    Also, I found lots of parts here -> in case anyone else needs to replace stuff :)

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