Clock Speed stuck at 0.4ghz

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My system is Asus vivobook x512DA

Bios version 317

Windows 10 home 20H2.

I'm having this problem with my laptop where it gets stuck on 0.4ghz after just 5 or 6 min of usage while both plugged or unplugged also it doesn't charge when it is stuck at this clock speed. When ever I boot, it just as like normal but as time passes like 5 to 10 min without charging it locks itself to 0.4 ghz. I thought it might be thermally throttling but it was running at 47°c when it locked on to that speed. This was first observed when I updated to windows 11. I thought may be it was due to the software so I downgraded it to win 10 20H2 and flashed an old BIOS 316 but still I have this problem. Strangely the exact problems had been roaming throughout this community but still no solutions have been posted. If anybody has found a solution please do comment on this. These are the things " on the above pic " that I find suspicious. Is there any chance where these are the problems??


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