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I adjust the displlay setting on my laptop Vivobook N7400P on 250% scale because the default 100% display show a very tiny fonts and everything (while the recommended setting is 200%).By adjusting to the higher scale, I found that some of the games I...


Detailed description:Dear all, I have a old laptop, the model as per subject, for my self learning, I just replace the laptop HDD to SSD and install Windows 10 Pro. I'm trying to fix the trackpad not working function however, I encounter below error....

image.png image.png image.png
rx88 by Star I
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Vivobook X515JA battery having worse battery life

I have a Vivobook 15 X515JA, Which has a battery life way less than what ASUS claimed it would be. Other people who own the same model had the same issue. Can anyone explain what is the problem?SPECS: ===================================CPU: Core i3...

RAM Capacity of X407UF - BV052T

Hi, I need help. I want to upgrade my laptop, but I do not know the right RAM for it.Right now I have a RAM with 4GB - 2400 MHz - SODIMM.The device's other details are listed below. I want to know the maximum RAM that can be in the laptop.Please hel...

system-hardware.jpg other-info.jpg

VivoBook OLED / Pixel Shift

Hi,I'm going to buy VivoBook 15 OLED or VivoBook PRO 15 OLED without Windows because i'm going to use Linux. How can I turn off PixelShift in UEFI (Bios) ? Can devs uprade it?Pixel Shift is a very big problem for my eyes and my head.Thank in advance

httpal by Star II
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ASUS Laptop E410MA won't let me use the taskbar

Morning Zen TalkI was wondering if any one else had the same issue, okay so I removed macafee and microsoft office, four different types, italian, german, french and yes the english one I don't like microsoft office.So the next problem after removing...

Anmrea by Star I
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My laptop's LCD cable is broken

Part is its number 1422-025R0AS.Unfortunately I can not find it.In my country, only part number is established 1422-025S0ASIs this part number compatible with it?my laptopasus n552vw 4k Non-Touch 40pinWhy this part number can no longer be found?plea...


All methods available to turn on Vivobook x507ua-ej456t

So I got my hands on this laptop and the fan needs replacement, everything else works fine on it. So before I go ahead and replace the fan, I was thinking if I could convert this to a fully silent fanless PC? That would basically give me an extremely...

mhys333 by Star I
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