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BSOD win 11 vivobook flip 14 on battery

System: windows 11Battery or AC: batteryModel: vivobook flip 14, TP410UARFrequency of occurrence: dailyReset OS: noScreenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:When moved to windows 11, got BSOD both on AC and on battery.Updated ...

Need Help getting the default VivoBook OLED Wallpaper

System: ASUS VivoBook K513EA Battery or AC: Model: K513EA Frequency of occurrence: Reset OS: Screenshot or video: ======================== Detailed description:This is the image I need, It can be found by default in C>windows>system32>wallpapers if...

Jherane by Star II
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Something stuck in my port jack

Hey, i got a tiny ball stuck in my jack port, how do i fix it or should i take my laptop to the service center?

Vivo123 by Star I
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Webcam USB2.0 becomes hidden device and greyed out

System: Windows 10Battery or AC: Both battery and ACModel: K451LN-WX005HFrequency of occurrence: All the timeReset OS: Screenshot or video: ======================= =Detailed description:My integrated webcam for my Asus laptop (USB2.0 HD UVC WebCam) b...


Connecting 2 monitors to Asus X515

System: Windows 10Battery or AC: ACModel: Vivobook X515========================Detailed description:I want to connect 2 monitors to my laptop rather than use 1 screen and my laptop screen. How do I do this? I bought an HMDI splitter but this didn't w...

Ram Upgrade : ASUS VIVOBOOK 15 X512 FA

I'm currently using ASUS VIVOBOOK 15 X512 FAI've 4gb DDR4 2666 CL=19 1.2V RAM installed in my Laptop fixed slot non removable. I want to purchase an 8gb Ram for the second slot that can support Dual channel. Please let me know the specification of th...


What is the maximum ram capacity for asus X407UA-BV288T? And can I use a 2666MHz on it or should I just use 2400MHz

Asus Oled color profiles

Hi thereMy Vivobook Pro Oled X3500PH comes with some color profiles:X3500PH_8086_834C4161.icmX3500PH_8086_834C4161_CMDEF.icmX3500PH_8086_70380046.icmX3500PH_8086_AE0D15E7.icmX3500PH_8086_AE0D152D.icmBut, no explanation at all about the diferences and...