Asus Zenbook UX481FL - DisplayPort

JcostaJcosta Level 1
  1. System: x64-based PC
  2. Battery or AC: NA
  3. Model: Zenbook UX481FL
  4. Frequency of occurrence:
  5. Reset OS: Windows 10
  6. BIOS Mode: UEFI


I tried to find a solution to solve a USB-C to DisplayPort connection, but found none.

I want to connect this PC to a monitor via DisplayPort, to have max. resolution possible on that monitor, but with the USB-C to DisplayPort is not possible, has the PC gives me an USB error and the monitor is not recognized. HDMI connection is viable but not wanted, as it doesn't give me max. resolution on the screen.

So basically:

  1. HDMI -> HDMI: ok, but lower resolution; not wanted
  2. USB-C -> DisplayPort: doesn't recognized; can't this PC enable the AltMode function? because this cable worked easily with another computer: cable USB-C 3.1 male/DIsplayport male 4k/60Hz Prok
  3. USB-A -> DisplayPort: Is this viable or do the USB-A ports have the same limitation??
  4. HDMI -> DisplayPort: I will have same lower resolution as the HDMI->HDMI, correct ??

Thank you for your attention!



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