Dell 300 Watt Charger on ASUS TUF/ROG Laptop?

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  1. Battery or AC: AC
  2. Model: TUF F 15 2022- FX507ZM
  3. Frequency of occurrence: Always
  4. System: TUF F 15 2022- FX507ZMS
  5. Reset OS:
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

Hello all,

I recently bought a TUF F 15 2022 model, i7 12700H and 140 Watt RTX 3060.

I quickly noticed that the provided 240 Watts AC adapter is not enough to run the laptop while gaming as the battery drains when using Turbo modes, and once the battery drops below 100% the CPU runs at half power and honestly performs like trash.

So, I want to know if anyone is using any 300+ Watt adapter with the ROG/TUF Laptops?



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