ASUS TUF A15 RAM frequency and MYASUS app not working

sensei_dsensei_d Level 1
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Hello staff and community.

So I have some issues with my laptop.

First, I have bought a version with 32 Gigs of ram that was sold for 3200Mhz but my system runs at 2666, I do not see any settings in bios to fix this, can anyone help?

Second, is that since I`ve upgraded to win 11 MYASUS app won`t run my battery settings, I`m using the laptop mainly on a brick so I set it to 60% but it keeps charging it to 100%. This issue occurred after win 11 update.

Can anyone give me any advice on this, it`s driving me nuts that I have paid for something I can`t use fully. I`m using my laptop for editing videos and believe me running on 34G transfer rate instead of 50G is a big difference in time for me. Furthermore, I do not want to destroy my battery in the long run.

Thank you in advance and I hope I can resolve these issues with you guys. :)


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