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zenbook ASUS battery health charging not working properly

Star I

I have a Zenbook laptop model UM431DA. Recently my ASUS Battery Health Charging is not working properly. I have set the charging limit to 80%. However, when I put my laptop to sleep mode overnight, in the morning I see that the battery is charged to 100%. I have done the following:

1. Update the BIOS.
2. Update System Control Interface.
3. Update MyASUS.
4. Installed ASUS Battery Health Charging App by downloading from MS store.
5. Installed ASUS keyboard Hotkeys App.
6. Restarted my laptop after doing the above.

Interestingly, the laptop stops charging at 80% as expected while I work. But it recharges to 100% at night when I put it to sleep mode.

When I bought the laptop, it was working properly by stopping charging at 80%.

Please help.




Based on your description, you tried troubleshooting through an update.
May I confirm with you again: regarding the MyASUS application, if you uninstall and then reinstall MyASUS, does the issue still persist? 

I confirm that I uninstalled and then reinstalled MyASUS, but the problem persists.

I have sent you a message, please check.
Thank you.

Here is the information request. Thanks in advance for your kind help.

ZenBook Model=UM431DA
ZenBookSerial No.=N6L0LP0********
current BIOS version: American Megatrends Inc. UX431DA.306, 2021-12-15
System version (operating system build numbers): Version 10.0.22631 Build 22631
MyASUS version:
System Control Interface version: