Graphics Driver issue when EGPU is used

  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Battery or AC: Plugged in and then unplugged (read below)
  3. Model: UX482EG with MX450 and Razer Core X Chroma with MSI GTX1070
  4. Frequency of occurrence: When unplugged from EGPU


Detailed description:

I get a driver error when I transition from my EGPU to my discrete GPU inside the laptop.

This error shows up in Device Manager, that the onboard MX450 is disabled. I also cannot see the MX450 in Task Manager even though the device is recognised in Device Manager.

I have noticed that one of the consequences of this driver fault is that the laptop idles at around 20-22 W which discharges the battery in about 3 hours, instead of the usual expected 8 hours when everything is running normally.

The current workaround for this is to use the GeForce Experience program to reinstall the Graphics Drivers, but obviously this is not an acceptable solution for a consistent driver fault. It also requires a restart which is not how a portable ultrabook should work.

Does anyone at ASUS have a driver fix for this problem specific to this device?


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