Docking station for Zenbook UX582H

paulhpaulh Level 1
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Detailed description:I have a ABI WAZY USB C docking station can I run the laptop through the USB c -input (DP-3) it supports 100W ? or do I need a dedicated Asus docking station ?


  • @paulh

    As far as I know, these devices will be compatible.

    I would suggest that you can ask the device manufacturer for the compatibility list.

    Thank you.

  • paulhpaulh Level 1

    Thank You - Spoke with the Tech helpline - they think it will power the laptop - could not say for sure, and they could not tell if any of the 3 docking stations on their website was suitable for this model as it's not listed in the technical specs - also spoke with the Asus shop in London they could not tell me what docking station they sell for this laptop either!

    I appreciate the reply

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