Zenfone 8 Proximity Sensor


My proximity sensor is non-functional.

I have confirmed via the SMMI test that it doesn't react at all at any of the distances.

I believe this has been the case since the latest update.

Damn frustrating when the phone starts doing whatever as it touches your ear/face during a phonecall...

Any advice?


  • the Gthe G Level 1

    I'm looking at downgrading from Android 12 back to 11, it wasnt so bad with 11

  • Is that an option?

  • RellibsRellibs Level 1

    Same here, confirmed with the hardware test and it occurs at least with regular phone calls and WhatsApp calls. I'm not hundred-percent sure when this started but I assume this is a firmware/os bug and not a hardware failure? Would appreciate any comments/status updates from Asus on this matter. @Gustav_ASUS or anyone?

  • I have the same, the screen flashes during a call. It didn't happen to me on another phone, it's a problem to solve? Annoying thing when I open other applications. Please help Asus.

  • tonnodoctonnodoc Level 1

    I have the same problem: during calls the phone change audio and network settings ...that's drive me crazy😡😡

  • @immelmanj @tonnodoc @kvasnicka.marcel @Rellibs @the G

    Quickest way to find out what's going on is for you to help me out with videos and device logs that I can pass to the team. I'll try to reproduce with my own device tomorrow, but for now please check your Zentalk inboxes for the log tool instructions.

  • kahlensikahlensi Level 1

    same here... during calls my ear change all settings🤦

    something is wrong with the sensor

  • dron39dron39 Level 2


    Could you please also sent instructions to me?

    My phone was repaired in authorized ASUS service center twice and in last repair they changed screen (probably with proximity sensor assy.). Proximity sensor works, but it seems like with short distance now (after last repair or after .61 FW update). Seems like distance when dispaly should be "switched on" during call was decreased and now I very often see that display is switching on/off during a call while phone is not so far from my ear.

    What is normal distance on which proximity sensor should switch on display during call? I guess I had 5-6cm, while now it's about 3cm.

  • Quick update: Our devs are taking a closer look at the logs sent by you. I'll update you when I learn more. 🙂

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