laptop is lagging so much and plugged in but not charging!

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  1. System: Windows 11
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: Vivobook 15 X512DA
  4. Frequency of occurrence: random
  5. Reset OS: NO
  6. Screenshot or video: N/A


Detailed description: Sometimes my system is so much lagging. when I try to refresh, the desktop icons disappear and come after 4 to 5 seconds. Everything feels slow and laggy.

And at that time when I tried to plug in, the charging symbol is showing but the battery percentage is not increasing even after 1hr. So I ran the My Asus app system diagnosis and it said that there is some problem with the AC adaptor or battery.

So I shut down the system and after some time I again plugged in my laptop without 'turning ON'. And the red LED indicator was 'ON' showing that it is plugged in. And when I checked after 1 and a half hr the LED was white, showing that the battery is almost full.

So I again turned on the system and ran the My Asus system diagnosis. This time it said to me the AC adaptor and charger is OK. And for the first 2-3 minutes system behaved like normal but after a couple of minutes, it again started to lag so much.

I was not having any lag till yesterday. The system was completely normal. The issue started today. My system was operating in windows 10, So I thought that updating to windows 11 will fix the issue. So I updated it to windows 11 today. But it didn't solve it.

Please someone help! I don't know what to do!


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