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Camera flickers when on AC

System: 64Battery or AC: ACModel: ASUS vivobook s14 X430FA.308Frequency of occurrence: always on ac during video calls========================Detailed description:Hi, i noticed that during video calls, only tested with google meet, my camera flickers...

Battery time

System: Windows 10Battery or AC: BatteryModel: Asus VivoBook X543UFrequency of occurrence: every half n hourReset OS: NoScreenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:Battery percentratge imeediately reducing suddenly from 80 to 60...

I can't get the HDMI output.

System: Battery or AC: Model: Frequency of occurrence: Reset OS: Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:

obbo by Star I
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ASUS 14 Inch VivoBook TP470EA-EC063T

Query - Adding more RAM Detailed description:The above model has 8GB RAM. Is this on-board module? Can I increase the RAM by simply changing the module or adding more modules in empty slots without voiding any warranty?

all4p by Star I
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Where to buy ASUS M570

I am wondering where I can purchase an ASUS M570 laptop. I found some on amazon and ebay but they do not have the 4k display mentioned on the ASUS website. There are no options when I click "Where to buy" on the ASUS website.

Asus Vivobook Touchpad compatibility

:========================Detailed description:I recently purchased a broken Asus Vivobook laptop and nearly restored it to mint condition. The only problem was that the touchpad doesn't work. I was hoping if the asus Vivobook x500 series fit the x400...