Snapchat camera sucks

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For the love of God, can Asus PLEASE just fix the camera+mic quality for 3rd party apps?!?

The camera and mic on the main camera app is great. But when it comes to Snapchat and Instagram, this phones camera is absolutely horrible.

1. Can't take lowlight videos/pictures without huge distortion and light streaks. Seems like I can't take a good picture in lowlight unless I'm using a tripod because of their decision to shoot in super low fps to increase the brightness of images and videos 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Zenfone 6 had perfect lowlight performance so it's a shame that the Zenfone 8 is performing so bad.

2. The audio quality for Snapchat videos sound distorted. Like seriously what the hell.

3. WHY ARE ALMOST ALL SELFIE CAMERA PICTURES SO DISTORTED ON SNAPCHAT. The post processing of the picture completely destroys it.

This phone had SO much potential. In the US, 99% of people use their Snapchat+Instagram cameras more than their main camera apps so it's such a shame that Asus seems to not really care about 3rd party app camera performance. My 2 friends returned their Zenfone 8's because of how bad the 3rd party camera/video performance was.... Sadly I will be selling my Zenfone 8 as well because I can no longer return it for a refund. I gave it over 3 months in hopes that Asus would fix the problem because I loved the phone so much. Huge bummer guys :( I still love Asus, but the 3rd party app camera performance needs to be one of their top 5 priorities considering how many people use it.


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