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Questions about Zenfone 9 ?

Star I

I want this phone, but also i want a Iphone 13 mini, I really appreciate compact phones, i was using a Samsung A52 and went back to Pixel 3, wich i love for being faster and the camera is great, but battery life sucks.

Despite Ios and Android differences, i'm looking for Apple and trying IOS, My plan is to own a compact phone for long time, but battery life is important, same with the camera

Someone who had those phone or test Iphone and Zenfone, how they compared each other??.  What about daily usage? Would you recommend Iphone over Zenfone or not?? (keeping aside software differences) What about battery life?Camera?

I've seen video comparison and i know you can use Google Camera, the big question is ...Zenfone 9 has zero sutter speed or it lags and takes a split second to actually take the photo?? .


Rising Star II

If you are indiferent between the OSs, then take the 13m and live with the poorer battery. If you prefer Android, get the zf.

In short, the zf has much better battery, a standard-looking OS with many customizations, great features such as a jack and a fp reader and usb-c, and a pretty good camera. Mine no longer has any shutter lag but I dislike the sharpened output so I use gcam.

The 13m is smaller and lighter, which I like, has constant updates on a long term, and has a better camera (which I do not love, however). I tried it twice for some two months each but I hate iOS, so I always returned to Android.